Reduce energy usage and have control of your system 24/7 with free monitoring from any mobile devices or computer. You can control it from anywhere with the Nest app. With seven different ring colors, it fits in with any home.

Saving energy is easy when you update to automation-technology with a Nest thermostat installed by PureCraft to manage your Maryland home.

    Simplify and Automate Engery Efficiency

    As a certified Nest partner we are experts in installation and Nest thermostat training. We will show you the basics, setup your new thermostat, explain how the ECO Temperature mode works, and more. Taking control of and refining your heating and cooling has changed thanks to home-automation companies like Nest. Contact PureCraft today!

    Endless Options

    There are hundreds of additional pieces of everyday household items that are ‘smart’ or able to talk and control objects anywhere in the house from a smart device – door locks, CO alarms/ smoke detector, wireless cameras, window blinds, and more – that all connect to your thermostat. PureCraft’s team of installation professional’s has partnered with Nest and has been a trained certified partner able to install and link together HVAC automation solutions designed to help users monitor and control their systems remotely or onsite.

    Energy Bill Savings

    With today’s advances in HVAC monitoring technology, companies such as Nest have developed their thermostat to know when a homeowner is away from home to idle the system and when to turn the AC on so the house will be that perfect temperature the moment you walk through the door.  The more idle time the more you save!

    Peace of Mind

    Automated systems can help to secure your home in case of an emergency. Additional sensors such as the Nest Carbon Monoxide and Smoke detector is always recommended by PureCraft  to provide a homeowner with real time alerts of any leakage or fire coming from their HVAC/ Utility room.

    Thermostats and Zoning Products

    Thermostats are the brain of your heating and cooling system, while zoning is the muscle. Every system requires a thermostat, and zoning is great optional add-on. PureCraft carries and installs a complete line of thermostats and zoning products for energy savings and home comfort control.